My Top Ten Favourite Images

I have decided to pick my ten favourite images of myself. This was hard… Like, really hard.

Without meaning to sound vain, there are so many fabulous images of me. I’ve worked with some great people, had an amazing time and they’ve made me look stunning!!

I’m a very lucky girl. Here’s the ten that I ended up sticking with. You might not agree that they’re the BEST pictures of me; however, they’re my favourites for many different reasons. I’ll explain and justify each one… So here goes….

#1: My first proper shoot!


Okay so this picture will always feature highly in my list of favourites because it’s from my first ‘proper’ shoot. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. I had no idea what I was doing, I couldn’t see (no contact lenses at that point!) and it was freezing (January). Despite all of this, I had a great shoot, with some fantastic images that I will always treasure. It may not be the strongest image in my portfolio, but it’s sentimental and still a pretty cool pic!

#2: Profile


Anyone who knows me and my love of model photography will know that I really love low key, moody lighting. Anyone who knows me and what I feel my strengths are as a model will know that I don’t think my profile is one of them. I think it looks flat…

… I’ll give you a minute to stop laughing at me…

I’m not a huge fan of my profile, BUT, this is one of my favourite images… It’s so beautiful and elegant. Is that really me??

#3: Low key, shadowy shape


I don’t really feel like this picture needs an explanation. It’s just fantastic. Lighting, body shape, editing, everything. So much love for this shot.

#4: Derelict


So this one has a bit of a story…

Driving through Wales… Obviously it was raining (go figure, huh?). We scouted out a few locations, all outdoors and all a no-go because of the weather. We made a decision… Drive on to the next location, grab some food and hope it had stopped raining by then. We were driving and happened to see a small abandoned house from the road. The photographer and I both saw it, looked at each other, and without a word, we knew we had to turn the car around and check it out! And then this picture… We will probably never be able to find it again if we tried!

#5: Classic


This one was a fun shoot and I had a great time, so obviously, one of the pictures form this shoot had gotta be in my top ten. I chose this one because it is a classic pose, great lighting and editing (are you seeing a theme here?). It’s a great shape, and the slight definition of the muscles really makes it, I think.

On top of all that, this picture seems to have a bit more depth to it… An almost sadness in the expression, the arm reaching forwards. For me, this has a feeling of loss and love.

#6: Boudoir: Misuzu Style


This picture for me is a winner. The serene expression on the face, almost erotic photography, telling a story of love whilst keeping a sort of innocence. What the viewer doesn’t see is a model frightened that the photographer on the step-ladder above her might fall at any moment!

#7: Dulled Senses


This one is interesting… By now you’ll know my love for the low key, moody lighting, blah, blah. But the story this tells… What a powerful image.

You can’t see, nor hear…

But the bandages are coming off…

Awakening, coming around, opening your eyes for the first time…

The possibilities are endless. Now do you love this image as much as I do?

#8: Do that again!


Shooting on location is tiring. Even when it’s June and the weather is nice, you still get a little chilly and you find yourself doing weird little jumps, stretches and such (no, just me?). We had just finished shooting a particular idea, the photographer was looking down at his camera, talking and I was stretching (as you do). He looked up and saw me… “Do that again.” Boom. Great shot. It’s those ones that tend to work the best.

#9: Creepy Portrait


It’s probably just me that finds this picture a little eerie. Something about the expression and the editing makes it a little other worldly… But I love it. I think it’s such a strong image. I don’t think anyone else has captured me like this in a portrait.

#10: Now that’s what I call a beauty dish!


“Can you do something with this light?”

“Erm, okay… Like what?”

“I don’t know just wrap yourself around it or something, I have an idea where I want to photograph a nude with a beauty dish.”

“Like this?”

Enough said.

… So which one is your favourite? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

#1 ©Kevin Sheldon

#2 ©Photopurity

#3 ©Photopurity

#4 ©Kevin Sheldon

#5 ©Mark Pendlebury (HeadSniper)

#6 ©Paul Smith

#7 ©Paul Smith

#8 ©LanesRo1

#9 ©PhotoBuzz

#10 ©PhotoBuzz

10 thoughts on “My Top Ten Favourite Images

  1. I think they are all fabulous pictures, really like numbers 2 & 7 the low key and the blah blah lighting does it for me. It is hard to see any pictures with you in being bad. Keep up the good work and see you soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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