Happy Halloween!

I love to celebrate anything I can… I love being creative, cooking and making things… And of course, dressing up. Because of this, I decided to do a super fun Halloween shoot with the very talented Brian Cooper.

We had a blast and got some amazing images. I came home covered in blood from head to toe (fake blood, I promise… It wasn’t Brian’s!) and when I had a bath… The water was bright pink as I washed away the vestiges of a super fun four hours.

Here goes… And stay with me till the end, that’s where my favourite images are šŸ˜‰

Spiders… Everywhere!


You can’t have Halloween without a scream mask… You go out around that time of year and there’s always someone wearing one. How about a slightly nicer thing to see before you get killed by a psycho?!




Watch out criminals… Bat Girl is here to kick your butt!


That awkward moment when you’re getting married and then a horde of zombies come and gate crash. Good job your wife-to-be is a warrior princess!


Did I get them all? Till death do us part…


Oh yeah… And I forgot to tell you, I’m actually a vampire too…


Okay so witches aren’t all that spooky… But it’s a total must on Halloween! Rocking the fashiony witch costume, like a boss!


… But it wouldn’t be a typical Misuzu shoot if she didn’t make the witch ‘costume’ into an art nude image!


And, look to the light! It seems I’ve been spotted. Time to fly away on my broom stick before the witch police get me!


Some fashion nude, Halloween style…


And again…


And again…


Spider webs or old fabric? You choose, but it’s still in-keeping with the theme.


Trick or Treat? šŸ˜‰


AND NOW… For my favourite shots from this super fun shoot….

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Then here goes…

I bathe in the blood of my enemies.


Are you scared yet? You should be!


… This is what happens when the photographer upsets you… You take a sword… You get the rest. (Just kidding Brian, you really are lovely to work with!)


And my work is done.


Obviously, shooting with Misuzu means that she has to do the classic art nude poses… Even if she’s covered head to toe in blood!!! This is my favourite shot from our Halloween madness!


And that’s it. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through these as much as Brian and I enjoyed shooting them!

I’d love to hear which ones are your favourite and any ideas you might have for next Halloween. Keep an eye out for a similar post around Christmas as we are going to go Christmas crazy in December.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween. Eat loads of sweets, have fun with your friends and stay safe!

DISCLAIMER: No photographers were harmed during the making of this blog post…

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

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