“With Opportunity, the World is Very Interesting” – Beatrix Potter


I did my first tour at the beginning of this month. I spent four days in Gloucester. It was amazing. Not only was it my first modelling tour, it was my first time being in a new place by myself. I kept busy and had plenty of work while I was there, but also had time to explore and take some photographs of my own! If you’ve never been to Gloucester, I recommend you go. The cathedral is lovely and there is a Beatrix Potter shop too. I couldn’t resist buying myself a little Peter Rabbit toy as a memento of my trip. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a little bit bunny crazy!

Anyway, enough gushing about how exciting it is to be in a new town by yourself, exploring all things historical and literary…

On to the work I did while I was there! The only reason I was in Gloucester was because of a shoot I’d had planned for a long time. This photographer uses the screen name samthedog on PurplePort and his name is John Gould. John contacted me shortly after I started modelling saying he would like to work with me and we planned for the shoot to be in the summer. After two date changes, one because of John travelling and one because I was practically eaten alive on another shoot I had a few days before… We re-arranged our shoot for Tuesday 10th November 2015.

This shoot was totally worth the wait! Four hours flew by… But not without an array of incredible images! Some of them are included in this post. I wanted to draw attention to this set as I thoroughly enjoyed shooting it (and I’m sure John did too) and the results are fantastic.

High Key

I’ll start off this post with my favourite image from the set and I’m starting with the high key images, simply because those are the ones we shot first!


This picture to me, perfectly depicts beauty and tranquillity. The anonymity of this image makes it easy to relate to.


This one is a slight variation on the first image… It depicts more grace than beauty, the way the hands are touching the body seem gentle, almost accidental.

Something completely different! These two images I’ve chosen to place side by side. They hold a very similar pose as the previous two images, but with a more abstract goal. What do these images say to you?

MisuzuReaching up. The goal of this image is the long line that extends from the fingers, all the way down the arms, the curves of the back, down the leg and to the toes. The thing I like most about this image is the harsh angle of the left leg, compared to the softness of the line as it traces all the curves and natural lines of the body.


I’m not really sure what to say about this image. I love it but I’m not sure what it is about it… It’s just quite an unusual photograph!


This is a pose I’ve done before… But it’s been shot at an angle, rather than straight on. The thing I love about this pose is the way it draws out all of the lines of muscle and bone on the back. By shooting it from an angle, it gives a whole new array of lines, more places for the light to hit and for shadow to form.


Just an unusual pose to create a shape with the body. I think it’s rather effective!

These two images are posed to make the body look rather bizarre. With the first, not only is it an angle that you would not usually see in a photograph, it is a rather unusual pose! I love the way the hair pools on the floor and the triangle of negative space where the left knee is bent. With the second one, the body’s symmetry draws your eye and the cascading hair adds an extra feature to it.

Low Key

Now on to some low key images… A quick change of background and a quick change of lighting (and a cup of coffee) to create some images that are completely different to what came before.


This is the low key version of the first image of the post. At a different angle and in lower lighting, it gives a totally different feel to the image.


These two images have an almost sinister feel to them to me. The first seems almost like attempted self comfort and the second seems to look almost like an escape. Maybe I’ve been watching too much ‘Criminal Minds’…


Similar images to this can be seen throughout art nude photography. The low key lighting and the hidden face seems like it’s speaking about depression or anxiety, a darker mood.


This is why I love low key lighting. Creative shadows preserving modesty and light catching the body to create lovely highlights. My favourite part about this image is the light catching the left arm, behind the body and the fact that the hair is the perfect length to just touch the floor!


So many triangles in this image. Photography loves triangles!

These three images are all edging into erotica. The way the body twists, stretches and arches make these images. Again, the light skimming the body and leaving creative shadows.


This is a lovely shape. The arch, the ribs, the expression. I love it.


I remember taking this picture… I was lying on the floor trying to get my head around how to actually position my limbs in the way I wanted to in my head. Upon seeing the image, I think I did pretty well, but believe me, it wasn’t easy! At the time, I felt like I had eight limbs, not four…


I started with my favourite image of the shoot… Now I’m finishing with my favourite low key image from the shoot. This speaks volumes to me.


To conclude, these images are the product of four hours well spent. I say four hours and completely ignore the amount of time John spent editing… But four hours is easy to remember and it has a nice feel to it to think that all the magic happens within that short window of time! John, I just want to say thank you for a fantastic shoot and for all the great work that came from your side of the lens, all of the technical camera stuff I don’t understand and all of the meticulous work in PhotoShop! Until the next time…

5 thoughts on ““With Opportunity, the World is Very Interesting” – Beatrix Potter

  1. Beautiful shots! Some really interesting poses, perfectly executed. Very atmospheric lighting, and I love the contrast between the high and low key photos.


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