Same studio, same model, different results!

On the 3rd December last year, I did a shoot with Pete Cripps at Tip Top Photography Studio in Birmingham. I was in the same place again on the 22nd February this year with Lightyear.



It always amazes me, working with creative people. I was pretty much the same person on both shoots. The studio was pretty much the same. However, the results were just so vastly different. Different people have different ideas, they see different potential in different areas of the studio, or have different thoughts about what you as a model can do. So here goes… Same studio. Same model. Take a look at these images…


To start… FASHION. Now, just so you know, these two sets of images were taken in exactly the same place in the studio. There was a different backdrop up and the outfits I have on are vastly different styles. Also, the photographers both set up the lighting differently too.



The first two images are Pete’s. We were going for more of a ‘grunge’ or alternative style with the ripped shirt. We had a lot of fun shooting while I was pulling the shirt around trying to make different shapes with it. The third image is Lightyear’s. When we were in the studio, we found an empty cable reel to use as a prop. The emotion and the mood in the two sets of images is completely different. The former is a fun, light hearted mood and the latter has a more serious, emotive tone to it.


Next, PORTRAITS. Every photographer has their own preferred way of taking portraits and they form their own views of how portraiture should be done. In my opinion, there isn’t a right or wrong way. I’ve seen loads of fantastic portraits that follow the rules, but conversely, I’ve seen loads of fantastic portraits that break the rules. Being creative and working with your model to get their best picture is what I think gets great results.


I’m constantly being told different things by different photographers when shooting portraiture. Chin up, chin down, look towards the camera just with your eyes, turn your face towards the camera, sit straight on, sit at an angle, stand for the portrait, cross your arms, hands on your hips, squint your eyes a little, open your eyes more, strain your neck a little, relax your neck a little, lean forwards….. It goes on and on. I like to see portraits of myself by different photographers because everyone’s own unique way of doing it interests me!



The first image here is Lightyear’s portrait of me and the second two are Pete’s. Lightyear has a lower key image with more shadows, making it darker and moodier, with me almost being lost in the background. Some people don’t like models to look out of the corner of their eyes as it makes ‘too much white’ on show. I think it works here, however. It fits in with the facial expression and the hand gesture. The second two images are higher key and are much brighter, not to mention how much different I look depending on how I have my hair!! The colour image by Pete has a similar pensive look to Lightyear’s portrait, and is also looking away from the camera… But look at how drastically different the two images are due to the way the lighting has been set up, the way they’ve been edited!


And now… LINGERIE! I like shooting lingerie. Well, to be honest, there’s not really anything I don’t like shooting, but lingerie makes me feel glamorous for a little while (which is great as in real life, I’m pretty clumsy, giggly and prefer to be comfy!)



The images on the top row are Pete’s and the images on the bottom row are Lightyear’s. Weirdly enough, it is the same set of lingerie in all of the images… And the same chair was used from the studio both times. As I’m writing this, I’ve noticed that both of Lightyear’s images are also topless… That was PURELY coincidental! The main difference between these two sets of images is how the photographers have chosen to edit them. Pete chose an almost sepia tone for one of the lingerie images which I love because it makes it seem like a sort of vintage image, almost lost in time. The way Lightyear edited the black and white topless shot is interesting too as it has an almost ethereal glow it to… And very much a modern style. I love them both, for totally different reasons… Same studio, same model, (same lingerie, even) but totally different images that have come from the depths of the respective photographer’s imaginations.


I wanted these images in this post but wasn’t really sure how to link them to each other… So the theme for these ones is ‘random white material stuff’… It’s as good a theme as any. Let’s just forget about it and move on, looking at these lovely images!



Pete’s image (the middle one) is a very lovely image (I especially like the way it’s been edited around the edges) and gives off a feeling of innocence because of the white lingerie. Lightyear’s images, however, are completely different. We were shooting the abstract. It was a lot of fun and there was much giggling as I tried to move around inside the giant sock of white material! I love the images that came as a result of all of this giggling, especially the last one. The lighting really nailed it 😉


In the studio space, Pete and I did a few images based around an item of clothing I had… It wasn’t bought along as a prop or clothes to model in… It was just what I was wearing at the time but we thought it would make some good images… So we had a play around…



The black cardigan I was wearing looked good for some bum shots (as well as other images) as it was lightweight and hung off my arms in just the right way. We had some more fun pulling it around like the fashion images at the beginning… Then obviously, there were more bum shots to be had with another shirt that’s good to be pulled around!


Lightyear and I did something completely different with our time. We played around with fans and throwing material! (Of course, we bought the reel back into it too…)



The first image was us trying out a particular method of throwing the material… It was the best shot of the throwing I think… I love the perfect backwards ‘S’ shape made by my body, continued on by the material. The other two images are also great, especially the one that is topless as the way the material is caught in the air is just fantastic! The last image reminds me very much of those music boxes you get where when you open it up, a lady ballerina pops up and starts to spin around…


Finally onto… ART NUDE. It’s my favourite thing to shoot (anyone who’s read my blog posts before will know this). So I hope you enjoy some of these images as much as I enjoyed shooting them. First, Pete’s:



The first two images, I like together as it’s almost like the front and back of the same pose. It isn’t when you look closely at them as the arms aren’t quite right and the head is looking to a different direction, but I felt they should be displayed next to each other (Maybe that’s an idea for another shoot!) The final image has an air of confidence about it, almost regal. This contrasts with the middle three images as in these, the face is hidden, turned away or shadowed. These tell a different tale. Although the editing style, lighting and pose are all very similar, the simplicity of lighting on the face and arm positions can completely change the story an image tells.


Now let’s take a look at Lightyears art nude images of me!



First there are two sort of body scape images, focussing only on the body with little face showing, providing anonymity. Both of these images are fantastically lit and the way the shadows and highlights pick out the curves of the body is wonderful. Getting images like this right is hard and Lightyear did a great job on these two. I think the choice to make them black and white makes the images more powerful too.


grande locale di stoccaggio in disuso


This final image is a composite. Remember the reel from the beginning? Art nude, reel, image of derelict location… Add them all together… Sorted 😉


My favourite images from each shoot are below… Just incase anyone wanted to know 😉


Thanks for reading this till the end. Feel free to comment on what you like or contact me via any of my social media, or drop me an email to!

Facebook: Misuzu

Twitter: @misuzu_solo

Instagram: @misuzu_solo

Tumblr: @misuzumodel

You can find more of Pete’s work on his website and on PurplePort.

You can find more Lightyear’s work on Twitter and on PurplePort.

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