Greece: Fashion [Post #2]

So time for a bit of rambling on about my time in Greece. If you aren’t interested, feel free to just scroll down to the images!

So the first day of my trip was spent exploring. I like exploring. I took lots of photographs, but I didn’t model at all that day (I will go into more detail about non-modelling related things from my trip in the post Greece: Tourist [Post #4] which will be posted soon if you’re interested at all).

My first day modelling in Greece, was actually my second day there. It was probably the nicest weather for the duration of my time there, too. Not that the weather was bad the rest of the time, (apart from the day that it stormed so we stayed inside all morning and visited a museum in the afternoon!) but it was particularly lovely on my first proper day there.

We drove onto Methana, which is a volcanic peninsula. We drove past the thermal springs as we arrived, and I could smell the sulphur coming from the  baths. These baths have amazing healing properties, if you can stand the smell. I for one, didn’t mind it too much, but we were only driving past… I wonder if I would feel differently if I was surrounded by it more. Anyway, Methana is famous for these thermal springs and that sulphuric smell.

We drove along the seafront, which was very very quiet due to it being out of tourist season. In the car, we continued up an incline until we came to a beautiful place that would be our first location for me to model in. It was an olive grove, surrounded by Mycenaean ruins. It was a truly amazing and beautiful place (I’m pretty sure I said that about every single place I went to in Greece…).

In this location, there were remnants of walls built around 1,500 BC. How amazing is that? I bet those people had no idea that 3,500 years later, there would be a girl from England using their walls as a scene for a bit of model photography…

Anyway, so that’s where me and Rick (Garden of the Muses) got our first images together, the ones that make up the bulk of this post. They consisted of fashion shots in a simple white dress, using the beautiful remains of a civilisation that existed over 3,000 years ago as the setting.

[This refers to photographs 1-6]

We then went on to get some more images here using the olive trees surrounding the Mycenaean ruins, but they are for future posts. We then drove on, to work in a Mycenaean citadel, with a Hellenistic watch tower built on top (the first picture in the previous blog post was taken right on top of that watch tower!), again surrounded by beautiful olive trees which we used for our location for the second part of the day, the images from which are to come in future posts. This is where we finished our shooting for the day. But the adventure wasn’t over.

You can actually drive up the volcano of Methana, which we did! We timed it perfectly as we were at the top of the volcano just as the sun was setting. It was such an amazing experience and a beautiful sight… I took some photographs with my own camera of the amazing scene, and watched the sun disappear. It was magical.

There are 32 craters if I remember rightly, but the last eruption was in 230 BC, with a submarine eruption in 1700 (according to Wikipedia).

The last few images on this page, are in the same simple outfit, but taken a few days later in an olive grove closer to where I was staying. It was probably the second nicest weather I had during my stay, now I think about it…

Anyway, we got a few fashion shots around the olive trees we were using as our location for that day, and we came across a huge boulder in the middle of all of the olive trees! So of course, I had to climb up it and get some shots there too. there is a post dedicated to this rock in Greece: Rock [Post #3]

[This refers to photographs 7-9]

Anyway, here are the images. They are just simple fashion shots, but I really like them. I feel like I look like I could be Greek in these! I love the way my skin colour compliments the ruins of the walls that surround me. I feel like I really belong amongst those ruins. Okay, so it probably would have been even better if I was there 3, 500 years ago, but you can’t have everything.

What do you think? Do you reckon I could be mistaken for being Greek? A lot of the locals must have thought so because they tried to speak to me in Greek quite often (I don’t know any Greek), which was a bit awkward.

The guy I was sitting next to on the plane to Greece tried to talk to me in Greek. When I said I was English and didn’t speak any Greek, he said to me, “Are you sure you’re not Greek? I think you’re Greek. You look Greek. No, you’re definitely Greek!” I guess I didn’t need to be part of that conversation!

Usually when you work with a photographer for the first time, the images you get in the first part of your shoot are never the best… Because you’re still getting used to how each other works, as everybody works differently. Sometimes, it takes a little while to get into the swing of how this model-photographer interaction works with different people.

But these images seem to contradict that, as me and Rick seemed to get amazing images right from the start.



©Garden of the Muses



©Garden of the Muses



©Garden of the Muses



©Garden of the Muses



©Garden of the Muses



©Garden of the Muses



©Garden of the Muses



©Garden of the Muses



©Garden of the Muses

I hope you like these images. Number 6 is my favourite. Comment below and let me know which one you like best!

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Thank you 🙂


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