Greece: Rock [Post #3]

So, in my last post, I mentioned about finding the big rock and just having to climb up it. Most photographers who’ve worked with me before are not surprised in the slightest (they’re sat there thinking, yep, that sounds about right). I feel like I should mention here that I’m really quite clumsy (and anyone who’s spent any length of time with me is recalling at least one occasion where I’ve completely stacked it for no reason at all, while being completely sober). So I guess for some people, me climbing rocks isn’t such a good thing. They worry! But for me, it is a good thing. I like to climb. I love my job because I can climb trees, big rocks, whatever, and it’s not considered ‘weird’, it’s considered ‘getting the shot’. It’s great!

Anyway, so there we were, me and Rick, it was a lovely day in an olive grove, taking photographs… And suddenly there is a huge boulder sticking out of the ground. Two seconds later, I’m up there and voila. We have these lovely images. It’s fun being me.

The first shot in this post will seem familiar to anyone who’s been reading these posts so far. That’s because you’ve seen it before. It’s the exact same image in Greece: Fashion [Post #2]. The rest are new though, I promise.

After the shot you’ve already seen, there is a fairly classic art nude shot, followed by two more implied shots. I really like these because of the heavy shadows cast by the leaves of the surrounding olive trees and the strong sunlight. They cast a pattern on my body that almost looks like an outfit, like I belong in nature (probably because I do, I always feel at home when I’m working surrounded by nature). I think that strong shadows can really forge a connection between model and surroundings. This interaction plays an important part of why I love these images so much, and why I gave this rock its very own blog post, despite there only being five images in total!

[Here, I am talking about photographs 2, 3 & 4]

Finally, the last image is one of my favourites from the whole trip. It is a black and white edit of me curled up on the rock. When you look at it for the first time, it takes a moment for you to notice there is a model in the shot too. I like shots like that. Images that make you look more closely, or double-take to see things you didn’t pick up on before. I think that this is because the image is in black and white, so the contrast of my tanned skin colour against the paler colour of the rock isn’t as noticeable… It’s almost like my body becomes an extension of the rock. Integrated into nature.

Am I getting too weird? Okay, I’ll just let you look at the pictures…



©Garden of the Muses



©Garden of the Muses



©Garden of the Muses



©Garden of the Muses



©Garden of the Muses

I hope you liked these images. It’s just a  quick post to appreciate how awesome it is when you unexpectedly find a big rock! (I’m such a loser, I know!)

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Thank you 🙂


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