Greece: Ruins [Post #5]

This post is a rather quick one, about the images from when me and Rick went to shoot at a Mycenaean bridge. I’ve mentioned this bridge in previous posts. You will probably recall an image of this place in the first post Greece: Vintage [Post #1] and then a picture of me, being a tourist in front of this bridge in the post Greece: Tourist [Post #4]. We went back to this bridge at the beginning of one of the days we were shooting.

In these images, the bridge is still there, so I guess they aren’t really ruins, like the title of this post would have you believe. But I do think that Greece: Ruins sounds a lot more exciting than Greece: Bridge. I’m sure you agree, so my apologies if the title of this post misled you a little! I just like the titles to sound catchy. Especially since I’ve limited myself to one word. That’s my justification anyway. I’m an artist, I can get away with it.

We only had time to get a few quick pictures because it is a popular spot, and fairly near to a main road. But we got the images down to some pretty good  and speedy team work and I really love them. It’s amazing what you can achieve in just a few minutes!

These images are really lovely and if I were lucky enough to be somewhere like Greece working again, I’d love to do more work with beautiful places like this, left behind by the Mycenaeans (maybe a fine art shoot in a location similar to the one in Greece: Fashion [Post #2]) . And do something with Ancient Greek ruins too. That would be really cool and would suit my style of modelling I think. Seeing these images has given me more ideas of the potential a country like Greece has for this sort of work. It really is an amazing country… I’m getting off topic here. Dreaming about possible future shoots when I set out to discuss a past shoot. I’m easily distracted.

Anyway, I’m sure you just want to see the images now, so I’ll get on with it. The way I’ve set this post up is pretty exciting, even though there aren’t many images to show you. I received both colour and black and white versions of these images from Rick. I’m going to post both versions of each image so you can decide which you like best. For me, I think it’s always going to be black and white. There’s something about it.



©Garden of the Muses



©Garden of the Muses



©Garden of the Muses



©Garden of the Muses



©Garden of the Muses

So what’s the consensus? I’ll be honest, I particularly like black and white images anyway. It’s very rare that given the choice, I would choose colour. Black and white photography just really works for the sort of modelling that I do, so I usually prefer it.

With these images, the first three poses are more classical in their style, so I think these work best in black and white. The last two are posed a lot more naturally, so I think I’d veer towards colour on those two.

That’s just my opinion, though. I’d love to hear what you think works best and which one is your favourite. My favourite is the second one, in black and white.

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Thank you 🙂


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