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  1. Being the erratic living type, I usually have to settle for a quick skim of your posts, but tonight I really wanted to read all your blog posts and I noticed you mentioned me in your list of people you’d like to thank… I am so humbled that you mentioned me, and you’ve made my weekend and I want to thank you!!! For being an amazing friend, for giving me that feeling of being appreciated and thought of which has been scarce this last year, so to see my name in the lights of your blog has given me comfort that even if I can’t always make positive moves in my own life, that at least I am able to be of support to my friends and some of them (like you…) never forget, and that means the world to me…
    Watching you from the early beginnings to where you are soaring now has been a joy to watch and I am looking forward to seeing a top fashion label scoop you up or something amazing like that, because you are Mabyleine and definitely L’Oreal lol
    Have an amazing 2017 Ms.Uzi 😉 Thank you for including me…you are, and always be, a special friend to me and I hope I can continue to be of help whenever you need me.
    Namaste & vegan hugs 🙂
    Ps – I’m now Danny Morrissey, have returned to my Irish family name. Hope to catch up soon x Stay blessed always x


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