What have people said about Misuzu?

Below are some (lots of) quotes from my references on PurplePort. Okay, so it’s a bit repetitive but I just wanted to convey to you why you might want to book me, for reasons other than what I look like.

I am fun and friendly to be around, whilst still maintaining a high level of professionalism. This makes the shoot fun and the results amazing. Don’t just take my word for it, read what other people have said:


People often comment on my natural ability to pose, as well as being good at taking direction:

I almost felt redundant on our shoot today, I usually spend ages posing a model, this young lady is a mind reader, she’s there before you can say it.”

Misuzu needed little to no direction and was patient with me even when I faffed about with camera settings and wasn’t too sure what poses/areas I wanted to shoot next.”

She is stunningly beautiful, fun and friendly, can pose with ease with or without direction and was happy to try out lots of different ideas.”

She is confident in everything she does, able to be in the pose that is in your head before it is out of your mouth. She flows from pose to pose without any awkwardness.”

[Misuzu] moves effortlessly between poses without direction but responds instantly to it when it is given.”

She takes direction very well and poses beautifully. She moves effortlessly from pose to pose.”

She had a lovely repertoire of poses, and required little direction.”

She is a natural in front of the camera, posing effortlessly (or so it seems) without direction.”

Her poses are faultless.”

I have some of the best work I have ever done from any shoot.”

I’m always complimented on my relentless enthusiasm and determination to achieve results:

Misuzu was brilliant, making it very much a team effort from the start, determined to achieve the images that we wanted.”

[Misuzu] works hard to produce the very best images and gives 100% in helping to turn the photographer’s imagination into reality.”

Misuzu has a can do attitude, accepting every challenge that was put to her, totally undaunted by heights, cold and wobbly rocks.”

[Misuzu] will always try and get into a tree or whatever if there is a good pose to be had, she will put the effort into getting a good pose in difficult conditions.”

A really nice person to work with, not just there to do the job but she wanted to the best job possible. that included pose suggestions and trying out poses that were not the most comfortable.”

She listens and works with the photographer to create the ideas discussed and has suggestions of her own.”

This beautiful model is amazing and very versatile and the camera loves her, wonderful attitude and very dedicated.”

She’s lovely, she works hard, she responds to direction brilliantly, she has her own ideas and can free pose with ease. She’s a total star.”

Misuzu was patient and skilled, helping us to achieve the looks we wanted. I cannot stress how hard she worked both physically and with creative input.”

She needed no prompting for poses and kept smiling throughout a long location group shoot day.”

Misuzu had some great ideas that helped make some great images.”

And also, any natural ability too:

Misuzu is a 100% natural born model who is highly photogenic and versatile!”

This beautiful model is amazing and very versatile and the camera loves her, wonderful attitude and very dedicated.”

I really could go on and on extolling the virtues of this exceptional young lady – but there are images a-plenty that show what she is capable of.”

She is a natural in front of the camera, poses well and is happy to take direction where needed. The shoot went well and Misuzu was enthusiastic and fun to work with”

Misuzu is a very beautiful and talented model with a great range of her own poses and the ability to interpret the photographer’s ideas perfectly.”

WOW! Hang on, I’ll say that again – WOW! Totally blown away by the talent that is Misuzu.”

Wow. What can I say.”

Had my first shoot today with Misuzu and was blown away.”


I pride myself on my professionalism. But that doesn’t mean that a shoot with me is boring. I just feel I have the balance right.

She’s professional, looks great, is fun and creative to work with and genuinely wants you as the photographer to get great images.”

Her overall attitude was highly professional. Her mix of relaxed attitude and modelling skills makes this young lady suitable for all levels of photographer.”

She really is professional through and through, and has such a unique look and qualities.”

Extremely professional in every way, great communications all the way through the process, hard working and determined.”

A true professional, I would have no hesitation in recommending Misuzu to others.”

Totally professional in her attitude and works her socks off.”

Absolutely charming and very professional.”

She was a pleasure to be with, and totally professional.”

Very professional and communicates well.”

Her professionalism throughout was excellent.”

A true professional.


We all know that personality is important. I feel very privileged that people have said the following things about mine:

A beautiful, intelligent, articulate, (just make sure I haven’t left anything out) and all round stunning young lady. On first meeting Misuzu, I knew this was going to be an epic shoot.”

Misuzu is a great, great model with a beautiful personality to match her beautiful looks.”

Really enthusiastic about her craft. When we started shooting I found she has a wonderfully infectious giggle and a great sense of humour.”

I don’t think I’ve worked with anyone who is quite so laid back, charming and natural.”

A wonderful model and has the personality and attitude to match. Just a joy to work with.”

She is first class. She can work with or without direction. She has a fantastic personality, fun, bubbly and easy to get on with.”

Misuzu also has a lovely personality, she’s intelligent and fun to be around, and is happy to put up with some discomfort to achieve that perfect shot.”

Misuzu is bright, friendly and intelligent and worked hard to ensure that we achieved great results from the shoot.”

She is great to work with, down to earth and brilliant at what she does.”

She is polite, friendly, personable and a seriously good model.”

She is a lovely girl to work with in fact it was one of the most enjoyable shoots I have ever had.”

A joy to work with and a delight to photograph. Misuzu has a fantastic look, great attitude, and although I was the third shoot of the day, she still had plenty of energy and bounce.”

Very easy going and with bags of confidence and ability Misuzu created some beautiful and graceful poses.”

A really nice person, endlessly helpful and delivering some fantastic photos.”

She completely put me at ease and looked stunning in front of the camera.”

A beautiful young lady with a warm and friendly personality.”

A real treat to work with and she has such style and grace.”

A great character to spend time with.”

To cap it all Misuzu is a truly nice, warm person too.”

Although small in stature she has a air of confidence with her.”

She has a fantastic personality to match her looks.”

Interested in the process and good company too.”


So you’ve all seen my pictures and either you like my look, or you don’t. But here’s what other people have said… I don’t expect it to change your mind!

Misuzu is a naturally beautiful, intelligent, conscientious woman whose poses are elegant and graceful.”

What an amazingly stunning young lady, beautiful hair, smooth skin and a relaxed and natural attitude.”

She’s drop dead gorgeous, has an unbelievable figure, poses effortlessly without direction, and comes up with some great shoot ideas.”

What a fantastic model – beautiful face, gorgeous eyes, lovely body and hair that goes down to the parts that other hair doesn’t reach!”

Misuzu has very long dark hair, beautiful big eyes which really sparkle in images and a fantastic figure.”

Misuzu is a very accomplished model with striking features not least of which is her long hair reaching to her waist.”

Misuzu is the height of elegance!”

She is absolutely stunning.”

She is beautiful model with graceful ,natural poses.”

Misuzu was very elegant and well presented.”

Would people recommend me or work with me again?

So you’ve met me once. Do you ever want to see me in front of your lens again??

Would I shoot with her again?…. Definitely, I would jump at the chance. She was lovely and it was a really enjoyable shoot.”

Would I book her again – yes. Would I recommend her – yes.”

[I] really hope to work to work with you again soon.”

I look forward to working with her again, but feel I may have to fight other photographers for this privilege.”

I will definitely be working with Misuzu again and can’t wait.”

I am really pleased with the images and would not hesitate to work with her again.”

[I] would love to work with her again! Highly recommended.”

I would certainly work with her again and highly recommend her.”

I would be delighted to work with her again.”

I hope she still remembers me when she’s famous.”

… So the people who urge others to work with me (thanks, guys!):

She’s quite simply one of the best models on this site [PurplePort], everyone should grab the opportunity to work with her while they still can!”

Book her now, you will not be sorry. I will be working with her again, soon, because she will be out of my league very soon. Thank you Misuzu you made my average photography look premier league.”

Treat yourself and book some time with her and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the results.”

If you want an epic shoot with epic results, get booking! This young lady is going places.”

Get booking as you will not be upset to have her photos in your portfolio.”

No hesitation in recommending her to other photographers, but I’d get in there quickly, as demand will be high.”

If you get the chance to book this young lady just do it – you won’t regret it.”

I would recommend her to any photographer and if you haven’t worked with her yet I should hurry as she will get booked up fast.”

If you haven’t worked with her you need to do it, you will thank me if you do.”

Highly recommended. If you get a chance book her now!!”

And the really repetitive bit… (Sorry):

I can only recommend her as a model. Oh, and she’s great to get on with and chat to as well!”

I would recommend her to any photographer or group.”

She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend working with her!”

Highly recommended, she will go far.”

Very highly recommended, 5*”

I have no hesitation in recommending.”

Misuzu is highly recommended by me.”

I highly recommended Misuzu.”

I highly recommend working with her.”

Highly recommended.”

[I] would highly recommended her to all togs.”

[I] recommended without reservation.”

Happy to recommend her to anyone.”

And that’s it. I hope you’ve now got a feel for who I am and what it’s like to work with me.

One of the best parts of my job is getting good feedback like this. It’s great to know you’ve done a good job and that you’ve made people happy.

My full and updated references can be seen on my PurplePort profile at:

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Thank you 🙂


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