Terms and Conditions of Booking



If you would like to work with me, I would appreciate a detailed message. Please include details of the shoot such as: where the shoot will take place, how long you are wanting to book me for, what levels/styles you would like to shoot and when you are looking to shoot this.

Feel free to message through PurplePort or email me directly at toniamisuzu@icloud.com

I do not arrange details over the phone as there is no record of what has been agreed. Therefore, I ask that all communications are kept to email. I will give you my contact number before the shoot to keep in contact on the day while travelling, but that is all.

Please provide me with references before we shoot. If you do not have any references, I will want details of the studio that has been booked so I can confirm for myself.



I will be paid for the time I am booked for, even if you are late or if you decide to end the shoot early. Similarly, if the shoot runs over, I will be paid for my time.

This also means that I am paid from the shoot start time for the agreed number of hours. Outfit changes, toilet breaks etc., are necessary.

For shoots of 4 hours or longer, if I’m travelling, I may need some of the shoot time to apply make up. This is because I wear contact lenses and I can’t wear them for longer than 8 hours at a time (and they have to be put in before applying make up).

I will not go above the levels discussed prior to the shoot. There are certain things (including fetish, bondage, erotica etc.) that I may not feel comfortable shooting with everyone. Just because I’ve done something before, it doesn’t mean I will be comfortable shooting these styles with everyone.

I reserve the right to say I’m not comfortable posing a certain way, without being pushed (and let’s face it, if I’m not comfortable, the pictures won’t be as good!)

I’m a vegan. Please respect this by not asking me to wear leather, fur, wool or any other clothing that contains animal products. This also means that bringing Oreos to a shoot will keep me happy.



My rates are listed below. I work up to art nude. My rates do not include travel expenses, so please ask me for a quote (I travel by train). Before we confirm a shoot, I will let you know the total cost, including travel. This is to ensure there is no confusion on the day! If you’re working to a budget, let me know in advance and I can try to accommodate it.


If I’m travelling to you or you want to shoot me in my small home studio, my rates are:

  • £30/hour
  • £110 (half day/4 hours)
  • £200 (full day/8 hours)

If you’re shooting me in Stoke-on-Trent (location, or studio), I offer a lower rate as I don’t have to account for travelling time:

  • £25/hour
  • £90 (half day/4 hours)
  • £170 (full day/8 hours)


My touring rate and studio day rate is usually £35 as I will be covering all travel and accommodation costs myself (this may change depending on where I’m shooting and may be different for studio days or duo shoots).



This policy is in place because it is unlikely that I will be able to find another booking at short notice and this is my full time job. I’m not unreasonable and will always try my best to sort things out amicably.

  • If a shoot is cancelled within 7 days, 50% of the agreed fee is to be paid.
  • If a shoot is cancelled within 48 hours, 100% is to be paid.
  • (Tour cancellations: the 7 days/48 hours will begin from the first day of my tour)

*This only includes any agreed travel expenses if the tickets have already been paid for. If this is the case, I will provide you with proof of purchase. If a shoot is cancelled at any point and travel or any other expenses have already been paid for, this is to be reimbursed.*



When you book me, you are stating that you understand and agree to everything I have stated here, in my terms and conditions. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.



*NOTE* Please, don’t edit out the beauty spot on my stomach. If you don’t like it, book someone else. I like it there and I’m a little fed up of people editing it out. I don’t mind my tattoos being edited out as for certain images, they don’t fit the theme/time period etc., but beauty spots are not this. They make us unique. Please stop removing this mark of individuality. Spots on the other hand, get rid of them please!

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Thank you 🙂